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In Geodomisi Ltd. we are proud in providing services that require independence, accountability and confidentiality, such as Expert Witness & Arbitration Services.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that we live in an aggressive and “sophisticated " society, there are many cases where unexpected failures occur within projects and structures, which are mainly caused either by insufficient / deficient / defective construction and materials or by natural phenomena and processes. Recognizing this undesirable function of our society, but nevertheless being a reality, our company is also active in this sensitive and specialised field, investigating the natural or technical causes leading to accidents and / or failures. Thus, in these cases of failures, a comprehensive and objective investigation by experienced and qualified engineers or other specialists is required, called Expert Witness & Technical Arbitration.

The Technical Arbitration is a scientific opinion, in the context of good faith, on a specific technical topic and aimed at non-technical people or at court. Technical Arbitration is based on real events - data and substantiated by laws, technical specifications and technical instructions, which we follow and apply strictly and faithfully.

Especially the Technical Arbitration and Expert Witness associated with litigation matters between parties should be fully and completely documented in order to have credibility and to reflect its mission and therefore must it be performed by very highly qualified in the relevant discipline engineers or scientists. Otherwise the expert engineer can be accused that he prepared it with fraudulence and hence he will face the corresponding criminal and civil law liabilities and penalties.

On Technical Arbitration, there are also included simple statements and technical reports required by various Authorities.

Our company has executed various Technical Arbitrations and Expert Witnesses in primary & secondary Courts, especially in Athens and Ioannina Prefecture.

We carry out Technical Arbitrations and Expert Witnesses in construction, real estate and privately owned land and projects which have been damaged by various technical and / or natural causes, such as:

  • Floods,
  • Earthquakes,
  • Fires,
  • Landslides,
  • Pollution / Contamination of Soil and Groundwater / Surface Water,
  • Structural Deficiency of Structural Frames & Structures and their Foundations,
  • Geotechnical Deficiency / Failure of the foundations of Structures and Projects,
  • Total and Differential Settlements,
  • Inferior Quality / Standards used in Building Materials (Concrete, Steel, Aggregates, Road Embankments and Dams, Geosynthetics, etc.),
  • Technical Arbitrations on Insurance Indemnity - Accidents,
  • Other topics of construction faults and failures which require specific experience & expertise in Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, Hydraulics Mechanics & Foundations / Retaining Walls / Slopes & Excavations.

The stages and steps of the process is that it is carried out an immediate inspection and expert witness from a team of the staff of our company, which consists of Engineers of respective disciplines, under strict technical criteria, with the support, if necessary, by specialized external partners of related disciplines (tax advisors, lawyers, financial advisors, valuators, art appraisers, etc). If required, the expert witness procedure is assisted by expertise of recognized Technical Academic Institutions and Laboratories (Material Testing Laboratories, Computer Labs, Chemistry, etc.). Then, the causes and circumstances of the failure / damage / injury are investigated and the findings and methods of rehabilitation of failures are submitted.

Generally and briefly, the phases of the Technical Arbitrations and Expert Witnesses are as follows:

  • Inspection - Observation - Data Recording, 
  • Technical Description - Analysis
  • Documentation - Corollary, 
  • Application of Corollary / Proposals - Supervision of Application - Results evaluation.
In Geodomisi Ltd we offer consultancy services during the execution phase of the required works for repairing the damages with objective to quality service, reduce costs and restoration time in the common interest of the parties involved and then we monitor the implementation effectiveness.

The expert witness report is supported, if necessary in arbitration or judicial involvement, with concurrent patronage from our legal advisors.

Our services are aimed at companies of all sectors as well as individuals.