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The field of hydraulic studies, category 13, is one of the growing sectors of activity of our company. In the department of hydraulic studies there is a continuing Education and Research in hydraulic Works Consultancy, but also in design and use of specialized software for the perfect preparation of the studies.

Thus, we provide a range of specialized services for sound, comprehensive and effective preparation of hydraulic engineering studies in the following areas:

  • Management of Water Resources.
  • Flood control works.
  • Studies of hydraulic engineering adequacy of structures.
  • Strategic Plans & Studies for Water resources management .
  • Compilation and submission of documentation for Licensed Water Use.
  • Studies for Boreholes Licensing.
  • Studies for Tracking and Delineation of Groundwater for Boreholes construction.
  • Hydrological and Hydrogeological studies.
  • Studies of Water Resources Project.
  • Studies of Flood Peak Storm Runoff Calculation of hydrologic Catchments (SCS method).
  • Flood Protection Works and River Limits Arrangements.
  • Dams - Lagoons.
  • Pumping Boreholes.
  • Water Drainage Studies - Drainage of Road Projects.
  • Studies of Small Hydroelectric Power Plants.
  • Function and Regulation of Water Systems.
  • Water Boreholes - Wells.
  • Drainage Works.
  • Water Storage and Water Supply Projects (tanks, reservoirs, etc.).
  • Hydraulic Simulations with FEM-FEA in open channels and closed conduits.
  • Groundwater Exploitation Studies.
  • Flow Regulation Studies for Technical Projects.
  • Compilation of Tender Documents for tendering of hydraulic works.

Example of successful implementation of a Hydraulic - Hydrogeological Project (pdf)