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The company "Geodomisi Ltd." provides Consulting & Management / Supervision Services of Projects at all stages, such as:

  • Technical-Economic Feasibility Studies,
  • Preliminary and Reconnaissance Studies,
  • Final Design and Implementation Studies,
  • Organization, Management and Supervision during Project Construction, 
  • Cost Analysis and Estimation of Projects.

Furthermore, «Geodomisi Ltd» provides specialised services to Public and Private Organizations, Companies and/or Housing Associations, for the purpose of development of their activities, as follows:

  • Management and Control of Civil Engineering Works and Projects related to Geotechnical Engineering, Foundations Engineering, Bridges, Tunnels, Earth Retaining Systems, Engineering Geology, Hydraulic Engineering, Water Resources, and Building Constructions,
  • Buildability Check of Projects,
  • Oversight Services, for Geotechnical, Structural & Hydraulic Works and Projects,
  • Quality Inspection Services of Building Materials & Project Quality Control,
  • Arbitration Services, Expert Witness and Assessments on failures of Structures / Engineering Projects,
  • Technical Consulting Services in construction of Civil Engineering Works, such as Dams, Tunnels & Underground Projects, Railways, Road Works (Highways, Urban and Interurban Roads), Specialised Foundations (Bridges, Quay-Wharf Walls, et al),
  • Technology Transfer Services,
  • Special Analysis Services of Projects with specific Software of Numerical Methods and Finite Elements,
  • Delivery of Seminars, Lectures and Training Programs,
  • Participation in Research Programmes with Academic Bodies,
  • Technical Assistance during project construction,
  • Services of continuous updating and supplementing studies during the project construction,
  • Observation / Interpretation of Instruments.
  • Consulting Services in Information Technology / Computerisation to Companies and Governmental Bodies with appropriate Software for performing and controlling Civil Engineering projects, Geotechnical Engineering and Hydraulic / Hydrogeological Works,
  • Planning and Supervision Services of Project,
  • Construction Cost Analysis Services and Evaluation of Contractors’ Bids,
  • Preparation of Tender Documents and Method Statements for engineering projects,
  • Implementation and Supervision of Quality Control Systems ISO, etc,
  • Review and Modification of various Geotechnical / Structural / Hydraulic Engineering Technical Reports & Studies (Factual & Interpretive Reports),
  • Contract Document Preparation Services.