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The Geodomisi Ltd is managed by:

Dr. Costas Sachpazis is a Civil & Geotechnical Engineer and an ICE Prize Award Winner Member of “The Institution of Civil Engineers” (ICE), with Membership Number: 67689219He is an active Civil Engineering member of the Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK), Reg. No.: P004216, and Founder and Managing Director of Geodomisi Ltd, and the co-Founder and co-Managing Director of the British Company GeoStatic LtdOver the years, he has acquired the following Degrees and Academic Titles:

  • B.Eng (First Class Honours) in Civil Engineering at the University of Portsmouth, U.K., 2013. (Ranking place: Top student distinction because he achieved the highest overall grade in the cohort of 120 classmates).
  • Diploma in Applied Geology. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Greece.  1980.
  • Attendance of final year of Bachelor degree (B.Eng.) in Civil Engineering at the Newcastle University, England, 1982. (MSc Preparatory Course).
  • Master (M.Sc. Eng.) in Civil-Geotechnical Engineering. Civil Engineering Department. University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. (Specialized in: Foundation Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Laboratory testing-researching of Soils and Rocks, Engineering Geology, Underground water flow). 1983.
  • Ph.D., in Geotechnical Engineering, at the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.) - Greece, 1988. Grade: Excellent Unanimously. Specialized in: Geotechnical Engineering - Rock Mechanics - Rock Testing.
  • Post-Doc Research fellow invitation in Carbon Critical Geotechnics at Newcastle University, U.K., 2012.

Costas is a Professional Civil & Geotechnical Engineer, accredited by the Ministry of Public Works, holding a professional license scholar in category 21/C (Geotechnical Engineering), specialized on Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Dynamics, Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Landslides, Earth Retaining Structures in excavations, Structural Modeling, Analysis, Design and Detailing, as well as on analysis of Ground – Foundation – Structure Interaction. He has about 25 years of experience and involvement in applied research, consultancy services and design of Geotechnical and Civil Engineering Projects in both Public and Private sectors. In addition, he is a Professor of Civil-Geotechnical Engineering in the Department of Mineral Resources Engineering at the University of Western Macedonia (UOWM), Greece, since 29 April 2019 to date. (Government Gazette (FEK) 2155 τ. Β 7-6-2019 & Government Gazette (FEK) 2151, B 7-6-2019), (Link), Postgrad Professor in the MSc Course MOGMAT of the Greek-Azerbaijani International Inter-University, Interdepartmental common Master Programme, “Petroleum Oil and Gas Management and Transportation - M.Sc. MOGMAT” (Government Official Gazette FEK 1449 issue B/16 April 2020, in accordance with the provisions of Law 4485/2017 (Official Gazette 114 A), (Link), Postgrad Professor in MSc Course in Renewable Energy Sources & Management. Interdepartmental common Master Programme, between Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia - Kozani Greece, are jointly organizing a Post-graduate - Master of Science - program entitled: “Renewable Energy Sources & Energy Management in Buildings - M.Sc. RES” (Government Official Gazette FEK 3716 issue B/08 October 2019), (Link), as well as Adjunct Professor at the Greek Open University in the Postgraduate (M.Sc.) programmes: “Waste Management” (2008 to 2011) and “M.Sc. in Earthquake Engineering and Seismic-Resistant Structures” (2014 to date). He is also an Accredited Reviewer at the International Publishing Organizations “Elsevier” and “Springer”. He is an Industrial Expert, appointed by the Hellenic Republic Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs, for the evaluation and assessment of research proposals submitted to the Inter-State Programme for Research, Innovation & Technological Development between Greece and Israel. He has published numerous scientific Papers, Articles and Academic Books / Lecture Notes. For more details click (pdf).


Mrs. Chrysanthy Tsapraili is an Economist (M.Sc.), and partner Geodomisi Ltd. She is a graduate of the University of Piraeus, Department of Business Administration (Very Good - 1992), and she holds an M.Sc. (Master of Science) degree in Tourism Business Administration and Management from the Greek Open University (Very Good - 2005).

She is a regular full member of the Economic Chamber of Greece (OEE) and since 13/10/1999 she possesses the No. 004340 special Professional License of Chartered Accountant - Tax Consultant of Utmost Grade A, issued by the OEE. Since 06-10-2004 she is also a licensed consultant of Public Works in the categories: a) Economic Studies & Researches (Category 03, Class A) and b) Organization and Operations Studies & Researches (Category 05, Class A). She has a vast experience in Business Management & Administration, as well as in Financial / Accounting control and monitoring of companies.

Finally, since April 1996 to present, she is a senior consultant and partner of Geodomisi Ltd., and the company executive / head of the Accounting - Financial Department, being in charge of the organization and financial management of the Company. For more details click (pdf).


Mr. Fίnn Mίchelsen is an accοmplished geοscientist with multi-disciplinary, integrated expertise in applied geοphysics, geοlοgy, instruments engineering and design capabilities. His career is suppοrted by academic studies in geοlοgy and geοphysics, and 30 years οf prοfessiοnal wοrk experience in applied geοphysical and geοlοgic survey services, prοject management, and business develοpment, in the οil and gas (land and marine explοratiοn), applied engineering geοphysics, geotechnical engineering, and envirοnmental industries wοrldwide. He has diverse experience and knοwledge with prοduct technοlοgies and instruments develοpment, data acquisitiοn and prοcessing methοds fοr geοphysical explοratiοn prοjects in bοth land and marine envirοnments, and οverall prοject and field οperatiοns management. Land and marine applied geοphysical and geοlοgic cοnsulting experience includes: Surface, Marine and Bοrehοle 2D/3D High Resοlutiοn Seismic Methοds, Bοrehοle Wireline Lοgging, EM & Magnetic Methοds, 2D/3D Electrical Resistivity Imaging, Micrοgravity Surveying, GPR, Geοphysical Data Prοcessing/Mοdeling, Single/Multi-Beam Bathymetry, Sidescan Sοnar Surveys, Marine Magnetοmeter, Οffshοre Bοrehοle Geοphysics, Marine Geοphysical Data Prοcessing, etc.

He has also a vast experience in the application of geophysical methods and instrumentation for investigation of foundation conditions of large scale technical projects. Finally, he is highly experienced in the overall planning and management of geotechnical fieldwork (site) investigations and in-situ & laboratory tests. He is an expert partner of Geodomisi Ltd over the last 12 years. For more details click (pdf).


Dr. Οdysseυs Μanolliadis is a Civil Engineer (NTUA 1988) and Surveying Engineer (NTUA 1980), and a partner of Geodomisi Ltd.

He holds an M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering (USA-UNH), and a Ph.D. from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece (NTUA), in Engineering Project Management. After ten years of experience in Project and Airport Management in Greece and in the U.S.A. he is now Assistant Professor in the Civil Engineering Department at the Democritus University of Thrace, teaching Economics for Engineers and Project Management for Public Works and Private Projects.

Furthermore, he is a Reviewer at the Journal of Project Management and Economy, and a Reviewer and a board member of the editorial committee at the Journal of Public Procurement. He has also published more than thirty five scientific Papers, Articles and Academic Books / Lecture Notes in the field of Project Management and Construction.

Finally he has carried out numerous Projects in both Public and Private sector in the field of Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying Engineering and Hydraulics. For more details click (pdf).


Mr. Αthnassιοs Κessarιs is a Civil Engineer of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece (NTUA), and a partner of Geodomisi Ltd.

He is specialised on Structural Engineering and has more than 25 years of experience in Structural Engineering, Hydraulic and Geotechnical Engineering Projects, in both Public and Private sector.

He is also a licensed consultant of Public Works in the categories: a) Geοtechnical Engineering Studies & Researches (Category 21, Class B) and b) Hydraulic Engineering Wοrks Studies & Researches (Category 13, Class A).For more details click   (pdf).