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Indicative Professional Presentations in Geotechnical Engineering


Geodomisi Ltd.-Article in the Periodical Greek Structures, Published on No 124 Bulletin (in Greek)


«Anchored Earth Retaining Structures» Construction Procedure Presentation of anchored steel piled retaining systems - Berlinoise (in Greek)

Deep Excavation supported by Anchored Reinforced Pile Retaining Wall in Aigiptou Square, Alexandras Avenue, Athens, Greece

Lateral Earth Pressures (in Greek)


Stability Investigation Methodology and Technologies for Stabilisation of Slopes and Bodies of unstable Uncontrolled Waste Disposal Sites (U.W.D.S.). The “PeaniaU.W.D.S.” Case Study in Greece

Technical Note on Application of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to Archaeological Site Characterization

Foundation Pile Bearing Capacity Analysis / Verification

Capabilities and Qualifications Onshore Geophysical and Geological Engineering Investigation and Survey Services

Which areas in Attica district, Greece are in the dyne of floods (in Greek)


Geotechnical Engineering Site Investigation and Characterisation Procedure (in Greek)