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In the following documents we present some examples of Modelling, Analysis, Design and Detailing of Geotechnical & Structural Structures based on Eurocodes 2 and 7 (Reinforced Concrete and Geotechnical Enineering).

Retaining wall Analysis & Design (EN1997-1:2004 incorporating Corrigendum dated February2009)

Raft Foundation Design for a Typical 2 Storey House Example (BS8110 : PART1 : 1997)

Strip Foundation Analysis (EN1997-1:2004)


8 m High Cantilever Earth Retaining Wall Analysis & Design with Water Pressure & Earthquake Actions (EN1992 1-1-EC 2)

Foundations analysis of typical building (EN1997-1:2004)

Pad footing analysis and design (BS8110-1:1997)


Two-way RC Slab Analysis& Design(EN1992-1-1:2004)


RC Beam Analysis& Design Example(EN1992-1)


Hydraulic Design of a Surface Water Drain


Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Pile Cap in accordance with the Regulations: BS8110: Part1: 1997)

Sloped rear face retaining wall Analysis & Design, (EN1997-1:2004 incorporating Corrigendum dated February 2009 and the recommended values)

Flat Slab Analysis & Design, (In accordance with BS8110:PART 1:1997)



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