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Main Clients

Geodomisi Ltd, has undertaken and worked out a plethora of Geotechnical Engineering, Soil and Rock Mechanics, Structural Engineering, Engineering Geological, Hydraulic Engineering, Environmental and Groundwater Exploration & Management Studies, to various Public Authorities, Organizations and Institutions, as they are indicatively listed below:

Public Sector:

  • Agricultural Bank of Greece / Direction of technical works.
  • Athens2004 – Athens Olympic Games Institution.
  • Athens Metropolitan Metro Company ATTICA METRO S.A.
  • Athens Town Planning Authority
  • Authority for Region of Attica (P.E.P.)
  • Authority for Region of Sterea Hellas
  • Authority for Region of Thessaly
  • Community of Ermioni - Peloponnese
  • Community ofHandrinou– Mesinia / Peloponnese
  • Community ofKalithea– Mesinia / Peloponnese
  • Community ofKefalinou– Mesinia / Peloponnese
  • Community ofKrieza- Evia.
  • Community ofMarkopoulo-Oropos/ Attica
  • Community ofOropos - Attica
  • Community ofSvoronata / Cephalonia
  • Council of 9th Territorial Unit of Istiaia town – Evia Island
  • Directions of Technical Services of Prefecture of Achaia.
  • Directions of Technical Services of Prefecture of Cephaloniaand Ithaca
  • Directions of Technical Services of Prefecture of Corfu, Heraclion, Chios)
  • Directions of Technical Services of Prefecture of Serres.
  • E.E.C. ENVIREG Ministry of Public Works
  • EGNATIAODOSS.A.(The highway construction company)
  • ERGOSE S.A.- Subsidiary of the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE)
  • GEMEE S.A.
  • General Staff of Aviation – YPEPA
  • GreekAluminiumS.A.
  • Greek Bank of Industrial Growth  ETBA BANK S.A.
  • Greek Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization (E.P.P.O.)
  • GREEK INSTITUTION OF SOCIAL INSURANCES (I.K.A.) / Direction of Technical Works and Accommodation
  • Greek Organization for Education Buildings
  • Greek Public Power Corporation P.P.C.
  • Greek Public Real Estate Corporation
  • Greek Railway OrganizationS.A. (O.S.E. S.A.)
  • Greek Service of Political Aviation
  • HighwayDepartmentof Ministry of Public Works
  • Ioannina Prefecture Supreme Court
  • MetropolisofMegarida& Salamina
  • Ministry of Aegean Region
  • Ministry of Agriculture / Direction of Geology anD Hydrology
  • Ministry of Agriculture / Direction of land improvements
  • Ministry of Agriculture / Direction of Planning and Construction of Technical Works
  • Ministry of Athletics
  • Ministry of Culture
  • MinistryofDefense/ General Staff of Army
  • Ministry of Environment
  • MinistryofHealth and Providencs
  • Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology(Y.B.E.T.)
  • Ministry of Public Works/ D1 Direction
  • Ministry of Public Works/ General Direction of Big Highway Projects
  • Ministry of Public Works/ General Direction of Town Planning
  • Ministry of Public Works/ General Secretarial of Public Works
  • MinistryofTransportation and Communications. Department of Technical Services
  • Municipal Company of Komotini for sewage and Water Supply.
  • Municipal Company of Paros Island for sewage and Water Supply
  • Municipality of Amaliada – Peloponnese
  • Municipality of Andros Island
  • Municipality of Avlona - Attica
  • Municipality of Calimnos Island
  • Municipality of Elefsina- Atttica.
  • Municipality of Istiaia - Evia
  • Municipality of Livadia
  • Municipality of Mandra - Attica
  • Municipality of Megara - Attica
  • Municipality of Paiania - Attica
  • Municipality of Palini- Attica
  • Municipality of Piraeus
  • Municipality of Saint Stefanos - Attica
  • Municipality of Skiathos Island
  • Municipality of Spata - Attica.
  • Olympic Airways
  • Piraeus Prefectoral Fund
  • Prefectoral General Hospital of Preveza
  • Prefecture of Achaia
  • Prefecture of Arcadia
  • Prefecture of Arcadia - Community ofVitina
  • Prefecture of Chalkidiki
  • Prefecture of Cyclades.
  • Prefecture of Drama-Kavala-Xanthi
  • Prefecture of Eastern Attica
  • Prefecture of Etoloacarnania
  • Prefecture of Evia Island
  • Prefecture of Ilia
  • Prefecture of Kavala.
  • Prefecture of Kefallinia and Ithaca  - D.T.S.
  • Prefecture of Komotini
  • Prefecture of Lefkada Island
  • Prefecture of Magnesia
  • Prefecture of Samos – Ikaria Islands
  • Prefecture of Serres
  • SerresPrefectoral Fund
  • Service of Port Piraeus (O.L.P.)
  • The Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (E.YD.A.P.S.A.)
  • University of Athens – Greece.


The Public Sector concerns the General Government and the Public Enterprises & Organizations (DEKO).
The General Government is distinguished in the Central Government, Local Authorities (LAs) and the Social Security.
The General Government consists of the Ministries (in Greece 16 +3) and Regions or Prefectures (13), a field in which the Legal Entities operate (over 385).
The Local Authority is distinguished in the Municipalities (1,034) and the Prefectures (57).
The Social Security includes Social Security Funds (15) and Hospitals (134).

The Greek Public Sector Structure

Private Sector