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Short Company Presentation (pdf).

GEODOMISI Ltd is a Civil & Geotechnical Engineering Consulting Company for Structural Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Retaining Structures and Management of Water Resources and Hydraulic Works Design, Research and Supervision. Geodomisi provides engineering design, consulting, forensic-investigation services and technical engineering expertise for large projects to its clients, in the Public and Private Sector, delivering and ensuring the best technical / economical and integrated solutions on engineering projects of any type and level of complexity.

Acting as a highly specialized and experienced consulting firm, in conjunction with the strategic technology alliances, has extensive Geotechnical Engineering and Civil Engineering experience in large engineering projects throughout Europe and around the world.

It is already well recognized that “Soil-Foundation-Structure” interaction and its implications have caused many problems to date in both safety and economy of constructions and structural systems. For this reason, GEODOMISI Ltd provides combined and integrated services to both Geotechnical and Structural Engineering design of civil works in a unique way, thus supporting each other under the same "umbrella", and under the same engineering process and a responsibility to our clients. It is noteworthy that we offer specialist knowledge, expertise and experience that extends above and beyond the "state of the art and cutting edge science" by developing specialised and tailored techniques and methods that are commonly found in academic and research institutions internationally, a fact owed to the Founder and Managing Director of our company, Dr. C. Sachpazis, Civil & Geotechnical Engineer.

There can be available all those combined and integrated technological resources (human resources, investigation equipment / instruments and specialized software) to provide all necessary geotechnical engineering equipment and personnel, structural engineering specialists, and civil-geotechnical engineers required for almost any type and size of project and technical work. Accordingly, our close links with Academic Institutions and National / International Research Laboratories help us to provide what we call Analysis and Design with Certification and Verification Tests.

We are leaders in the field of GeoMechanics and GeoEngineering of technical projects. Based upon our knowledge, practical experience and expertise, and by also using all cutting edge software and information systems tools, and computer / server resources, we have finally the ability to provide our customers with Technologically Innovative and Practical Solutions, even within the most demanding time schedules and budgets.

Thus, we kindly invite you to discover who we are  (pdf).