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Geodomisi Ltd uses Geographic Information System (GIS). Based on the description of the topology of space, GIS has been applied on:

  • The development of GIS for hydraulic, hydrologic and geotechnical, hydrogeological and geological data.
  •  Land values issues​ and objective values / costs​​.
  •  Assisting the procedure for attesting the Property Tax Evaluation.
  •  Urban / town planning problems.
  • Land Layouts.

There are already designed maps of Attica (accuracy and completeness of 1:100,000, and 1:50,000 scales, 72 thematic categories in hydrogeology - hydrology, topography, morphology and environmental data).

There are already also designed maps of Attica (accuracy and completeness of 1:5,000 scale, topographic data, classification of roads, assessed value of property).

“ArcInfo - Complete Desktop GIS Mapping” GIS program has also been used on Oracle platform.