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The Geodomisi Ltd company, led and managed by Dr. C. Sachpazis, has specialized personnel and skilled academic collaborators, who have very high professional / practical experience and highest level academic titles / degrees (B.Eng, M.Sc (Eng), Ph.D., Post-Doc) as well as extensive published scientific work. Moreover, Geodomisi Ltd cooperates with strategic technology alliances and specialized companies abroad (Europe - America) with which it has already signed cooperation & teaming agreements (MOU-MOA) for specific projects.

Our company occupies modern private premises in Athens and Magnesia, spread across four levels / floors and features latest technology tools for managing and preparing proficient engineering & technical studies / work, as for example specialised Static & Geotechnical engineering leading industry standard programs - software covering and addressing the entire spectrum of Civil & Geotechnical Engineering topics and projects (finite element analysis, shallow and deep foundations, slope stability, retaining walls, earthquake - structural analysis & design, tunnelling, etc.), in conjunction with appropriate design software (CAD), such as presented in detail in the relevant WebPage.

Moreover, our company has the entire necessary infrastructure, and the unrestricted use of sound and modern electrical, electronic, and mechanical equipment for the proper conduct and rendering of studies. In cooperation with specialized laboratory, which is certified - accredited by the Central Laboratory of the Ministry for Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport & Networks (KEDE - MDCITN), Geodomisi Ltd provides its customers with the full range of Laboratory Testing in Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Concrete, Steel, Material Quality Control, Materials Chemical Analysis (Water, Soil, Rock, Macadam, etc).

Furthermore, the Geodomisi Ltd has at its disposal a complete and modern library of state of the art and leading industry standard computer programs (software) which analyze and solve any problem on Structural Analysis and Design - Detailing, Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Foundations, Finite Elements, Bearing Capacity, Landslides, Slope Stability, Deep Earth Retaining Structures, Pilling, Tunnelling, Engineering Geology, Water Management, Hydrogeology and Hydraulic Engineering, accompanied by the appropriate drafting programs as shown in detail in the relevant WebPage..

Finally, our company holds the following professional licenses and degrees:

  • Professional License issued by the Ministry for Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport & Networks. Registration Number: 440, Category/Class 21/C' & 20/C' & 13/B'.
  • Professional License issued by the Ministry of Defence for executing Military Projects concerning "NATO-FORTIFICATION-TOP SECRET". Registration Number: 1947-F.589.6/76033-S.2092.
  • Professional License issued by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION-E.C.-Directorate-General III. Registration Number: 003908/26-02-1997.

which entitles and enables our company to express interest and to undertake and carry out studies and research for Public Agencies, Ministries, Institutes, Prefectures, Local Governments and other Public Bodies.